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Should we have the soon to be Creative World....

full of Plots
No Plots but have a way to protect builds
No Plots!
Who needs Creative?

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30th Jan 2014

Hello you tiny little guests I see a lot of you join join the server with no regard for the server website. some of you ash for Op, and when we say no, you just leave. We at Vipercraft would love for you to stay on the server because our server has more stuff compared to most servers. The guests who visit the server website, please grab a special Viper account so you can chat, stay updated, and have a chance to get Member+ also consider donating to the server to keep the server running. That way you can have Premium, or the two ranks above it. You are very restricted as a person who just joins as a member. Be a Viper and join now.
if you read the whole thing. thank you.
Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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