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Joined: 25th Jan 2014
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25th Jan 2014


Most of the people that joined our server don't know the rules so here they are.

1 . Don't ask for ranks/op and items.
2 . Please obey the staff don't insult them! (mute)
3. Do not spam the commands or the chat keep it neat and tidy!  (or mute)
4. Griefing in factions is allowed so don't cry when you get griefed.
5. N o mods/hacked clients (optifine is okay)
6. Be respectful to every one even noobs we all once were noobs  
7. Use common sense.
8. If you see a hacker report him!
9. Don't advertize please!
10. Keep calm and don't rage and most important have fun!
Joined: 25th Jan 2014
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26th Jan 2014

these ar great rules
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